Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fun Class

I went to a great cooking class last night. Chef Brad ( was giving a demonstration on the electric pressure cooker and making salads with grains. It's amazing the benefits we can get from adding whole grains in to our diets. Our family has been adding kamut, spelt, buckwheat and other wonderful grains to the food we eat. Kamut is my favorite grain because of the taste. I make a hot breakfast with freshly rolled oats, kamut, freeze dried blueberries, agave nectar and cinnamon. The kids love it. I cook it in the pressure cooker because it is SO fast and the grains come out perfect every time.
Spelt is the perfect grain for baking. It's basically an ancient wheat. Many people who cannot tolerate the gluten in wheat CAN eat spelt. It rises much better than wheat and is very light. I love spelt in pancakes. I use it in the place of white flour. I also like to replace the sugar in pancakes with a ripe banana (blended with milk). The banana not only sweetens the batter but it makes the batter thicker. It also works great with whole wheat pancakes which tend to be too thin.