Sunday, January 8, 2012


I am so excited.  My husband, after watching a food documentary, decided it was time to take charge of his health.  Okay, so I've been telling him this for years but if a documentary will do it, it's great!  It's always good when he's 100% on board with something because he researches and buys the best gadgets to make it happen.  Hence, the Blendtec.  Can I just say, "it's awesome!!!"  I made fudgesicles with avocado, yummy, lots of smoothies, soup, cookies, pizza dough, etc.  I just found this blog and can see that it is going to be good, .
Brent's and my goal has been to reduce our meat and dairy.  Veggies and fruits are now the center of the diet and the meat is either not present or a side dish.  This has been going on for a couple of weeks and Brent has lost 5 lbs.  He's also added the stationary bike to his routine.  I'm still needing to add in an exercise routine.  I'm at my target weight already but would like to be more physically fit. 

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