Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It seems like granola is one of those items that everyone has a recipe for and every recipe is a bit different.  I've got a basic one that can be made according to your likes.

8 or more cups of oats
1 C coconut oil or butter
1 C Agave or honey
1/2 Cup ground flax
1/2 C ground quinoa
2 C dried fruit (anything you like, raisins, prunes, dates, cranberries, etc.) diced

Place oats in a large bowl.  In a large frying pan melt coconut oil.  Add flax, quinoa, and dried fruit and stir together.  Pour wet mixture in to oats.  Mix thoroughly.  Spread mixture on cookie sheets and "dry out" in a 175 degree oven.  Turn over every 20 minutes until mixture is dry.

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